• Best handheld microscope 2021

    Best handheld microscope 2021
    The world is full of beautiful things Finding an interesting insect outdoors? Or a beautiful flower in the woods? You may want to get a closer look at them. Explore the beauty of the microscopic world. This is all possible if you use a handheld microscope. You can observe these beautiful, mind-blowing things anytime, anywhere. A handheld microscope can also be a tool for the little scientist in your family, inspiring your child to learn science. With the advancement of science and technology, we have the ability to make microscopes smaller and lighter, so that they...
  • What you should know about digital microscope

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    What you should know about digital microscope
    1.What is a digital microscope Unlike traditional optical microscopes, a digital microscope uses a digital camera to output the image into a screen or monitor.Sometimes it can run on a computer through software. 2.What Is a Digital Microscope Used for? Digital microscopes can be used for various objects, from microorganisms to large electronic devices, can be inspected by a digital microscope.  Industries like education, research, medicine,PCB/SMD soldering,mobile phone repair and industrial manufacturing, all use digital microscopes.  Digital microscopes are commonly used to: Inspect PCB boards Inspect collectible coins or stamps Identification of jewelry and antiques Restore...
  • Everything You Need To Know about Coin microscope

    Everything You Need To Know about Coin microscope
    What can coin microscope do? If you're a professional coin collector, a coin microscope is a must-have tool for you.As  it can help you examine your coins for defects, scratches and irregularities.  So what can you see with a coin microscope? A coin microscope may help you view residues of cleaning materials, which if left unattended, could hardly damage your investment. Coin microscopes can also identify  any error on the coin, which may have happened when the coin was manufactured. You can also use your coin microscope to take pictures or record videos of your precious...
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