Best handheld microscope 2021

The world is full of beautiful things

Finding an interesting insect outdoors? Or a beautiful flower in the woods? You may want to get a closer look at them. Explore the beauty of the microscopic world.

This is all possible if you use a handheld microscope. You can observe these beautiful, mind-blowing things anytime, anywhere.

A handheld microscope can also be a tool for the little scientist in your family, inspiring your child to learn science.

With the advancement of science and technology, we have the ability to make microscopes smaller and lighter, so that they can be pocketed and taken out at any time.

Now introducing the Andonstar AD203 handheld microscope

  • Portable design: Weighs 220g, this microscope can be easily carried everywhere.Easy to operate, making it a best tool for the kids to study plants, insects on the outdoor trips.
  • 4 inch LCD display:With the built-in 4 inch LCD screen, you don't need to connect the microscope to a computer or mobile phone to view things, you can observe anything you want through the LCD screen directly. You can also share the view with your family, classmate or friends easily.
  • Magnification & High Definition: 2 million pixels, 1080FHD video record,4032x3024 photos definition, this microscope has a 50x to 1000x magnification zoom.
  • Take photos & videos:You can use the AD203 microscope to take photos and videos, capture beautiful moments anytime you want and share what you love with others.
  • Rechargeable battery: With the rechargeable battery, you can enter the fantastic micro world anywhere you want. No cable needed while using, no limitations
  • Connect with a computer:Connect the AD203 handheld microscope with a computer using USB cable for a larger and better view.

It's time to take the handheld microscope with you, together with your kids, to the outdoors, to learn about science and explore the beautiful world.

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