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7-inch Digital Microscope
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Andonstar ADSM201 HDMI Digital Microscope

Equipped with the exclusive lens and HD sensor, the Andonstar ADSM201 HDMI Digital Microscope brings users clear and high-resolution images with a great deep depth of field, less delay and less reflection. With two LED lights, the microscope can reduce reflection, shadow, and image error of images and thus to improve the using experience.

Andonstar AD206S Digital Microscope wth Endoscope

The Andonstar AD206S digital microscope is an upgraded version of AD206 digital microscope. The hightlight of this upgradation consist in its double lens and screen. AD206S is able to connect with an endoscope and display the image captured by it at the time when the big screen is showing the image photographed by the microscope lens.

Andonstar AD206S digital microscope
Andonstar AD207 7'' LCD Screen Digital Microscope
Andonstar AD205 Children Digital Microscope
Andonstar AD206 Digital Microscope




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