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AD249S-M-ES 3 Lens HDMI 10.1 inch Digital Microscope with Endoscope

AD249S-M-ES 3 Lens HDMI 10.1 inch Digital Microscope with Endoscope

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Model 249S-M-ES
Magnifications Lens A: 18-720X
focus range: 12-320mm
Lens D: 1800-2040X
focus range: 4-5mm
Lens L: 60-240X
focus range: 90-300mm
Video Res. Max 2880*2160 UHD 24fps
Video Format MP4
Frame Rate Max 120 fps
Photo Res. 5600*2400(with interpolation)
Screen Size 10 inch
HDMI Output √(only HDMI monitor displays)
PC Output
Bracket Size 20*18*30cm
Package Include

Microscope, Metal stand, 3 Lenses(A,D&L), Slide holder, Remote, Dimmer cable, HDMI cable, USB cable, Slides kit, Tweezers, Bug box, Endoscope, Endoscope Accessories

Warranty 1 year
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Customer Reviews

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Daniel Setnic
Review for Andonstar AD249S-M-ES 3 Lens HDMI Digital Microscope

Very good communication with Andonstar team. They glaldy answered all of my questions prior to placing the order.

Very fast delivery, by airplane. China to Romania in less than 6 days, plus additional 6 days in Romanian Customs.

This model with Endoscope is only available from China warehouse, but if you live in EU like me and only want the AD249S-M (without the Endoscope), is available from the Poland warehouse.

About the Digital Microscope - Great product overall.
Tested all 3 lenses and all produce very crisp images and movies. Tested over HDMI to a 49" Samsung curved panel and the output was breathtaking.

There was a problem with my initial endoscope, it only produced a noisy image or video. I talked with Andonstar support and send them a few images and after talking with their technical team they sent me another Endoscope which arrived even faster, within 6 days (Romanian Customs burocracy included) was delivered to my door.
Once again great communication and great aftersale support. Thank you Andonstar team for this wonderful experience.

I would like to share some details that I wasn't able to find listed in the descriptions or reviews at the time of purchase:
- You can take pictures and movies with the microscope camera even when you use up to 3x digital zoom, and the ammount of digital zoom will be reflected in the pictures and movies taken. I do not recommend using digital zoom though because it is only usable for displaying on the 10.1" microscope display. Trying to review the photos or movies on a larger display and the media will appear over sharpened and with low resolution, but reviewed on the built-in 10.1 inch screen the digital zoomed images and movies are OK.
- Digital zoom only works for the microscope camera so you will not see any change if you only display the endoscope camera.
- When you have the endoscope connected and press the picture button on the remote, both the microscope camera and the endoscope camera will take a picture.

For a fair price Andonstar offers great quality digital microscopes and great communication with the support team so any issue will be resolved very fast.

If you're in the market for buying a digital microscope @ $199USD price level, AD249S-M-ES is a great quality digital microscope which I can wholehartedly recommend. But don't take my word for it, just watch the tens of great indepth reviews on youtube and decide for yourself.

Cheers guys and thanx again to Andonstar team for their prompt after-sales support and fast delivery which on top of a great quality product translates into a wonderful buying experience.