Download user manuals of Andonstar digital microscopes and other important documents:

User manual of AD409

User manual of AD407

User manual of AD206S

User manual of AD205

User manual of ADSM302

User manual of ADSM201

User manual of AD106&AD106S

User manual of AD105S

User manual of ADSM301

User manual of AD206

User manual of AD207

User manual of AD208





Download laest Measure software for Andonstar digital microscopes:

Microscope Measure V3.6.1

Instructions for Andonstar Measure IOS Version
*Download the "My Measure App" for IOS/Android: 

 Note: only works with AD409 digital microscope.

Download directly by searching "My Measure App" with IOS system.
Search "My Measure App"  at "Google App Store" with Android system.

*Download the "A1 drive" for Windows: 

Note: only works with A1 USB digital microscope.




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