What Is Digital Microscope And What Are Its Uses?

The digital microscope can produce an orthogonal three-dimensional spatial image when observing objects. It has a strong sense of stereo, clear and wide imaging, and a long working distance, and is a conventional microscope with a very wide range of applications.

Easy to operate and highly efficient to check, a digital microscope uses a camera (i.e., TV camera target or charge coupler) as a receiver. The camera is installed at the surface of images captured by the microscope to replace the human eye as the receiver, and the optical image will be converted into an image of an electrical signal by this optoelectronic device. Then size inspection, particle counting, and other tasks are performed on it.

This type of microscope can be used in the conjunction with the help of a computer, which facilitates the automation of inspection and information processing, and is mostly used in applications where a large number of inspection tasks need to be performed.

A digital microscope is applicable to the inspection of electronic industry production line, the inspection of the printed circuit board, the inspection of welding defects (printing misalignment, collapsed edge, etc.) in printed circuit assembly, the inspection of single-board PC, the inspection of vacuum fluorescent display VFD, and also the identification of printing grid, word painting, etc.

The digital microscope enlarges the physical image and displays it on the screen of the computer, and can save, enlarge and print the picture. It can save, enlarge and print the images. Moreover, with measurement software, the digital microscope can be used to measure various data.

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