Phoenix Optical Announces New AI Intelligent Digital Microscope Adopting Built-in Huawei Chip

In addition to smart phones, tablets, watches, speakers and other products, what else can Huawei chips do? Some products may be completely unexpected. Phoenix Optical Technologies Ltd announced the launch of a new generation of AI intelligent digital microscope adopting the Huawei chip.

According to reports, at the November 22nd seminar on the application of AI technology in the direction of microscopic imaging and the new liquid crystal digital intelligent integrated microscope conference, co-organized by CLP Hikang Group, Phoenix Optical Technologies, and Zhejiang Wuzhenjie Technology, this AI microscope has a built-in high-performance Huawei chip and uses AI big data algorithms to assist in analysis, greatly improving the accuracy and efficiency of microscopic observation, but the report did not mention specific details, and no detailed specifications were announced on the official website.

According to the official website, Phoenix Optics is a subsidiary of Phoenix Optical Group, formerly known as Jiangxi Optical Instrument Factory, which was established in August 1965 by Shanghai Camera Factory No. 2, Shanghai Film Machinery Factory, Nanjing Surveying and Mapping Instrument Factory, Nanjing Mould Factory, Jiangnan Optical Instrument Factory, etc., and moved to Huaqiao Township, Shangrao, Jiangxi Province.

Phoenix Optics is a famous brand in China's national optical industry and the first listed company in the optical industry, mainly engaged in optical lenses, optical lenses, optoelectronic modules, batteries, scientific instruments and other five business segments, with digital cameras, security, machine vision, automotive and other industries with a wealth of optical / mechanical design experience; patent holding level industry-leading; lens research and development department dedicated to visible light and infrared optics lens research and development.
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