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All these elements of Andonstar digital microscopes can improve work quality and efficiency. Moreover, the compatiblity of the Andonstar digital microscope with the measure software enables image capture and data analysis; a convenient way to quickly change magnifications. These features enable Andonstar digital microscope users to perform faster and more reliable data documentation and analysis, thus increasing the efficiency of inspection, quality control and FA workflows.


Andonstar, Andonstar digital microscope, usb microscope, USB microscope camera -

As a lower power digital microscope, usb microscope is lightweight, compact and portable. Andonstar USB microscopes are among the most popular USB microscopes on the market, we will hereinafter talk about their hightlights. 1. Abundant Lighting  Andonstar A1, A1-3, V160 USB microscopes come with many built-in LED lights. Thanks to these LED lights, the USB microscope illuminates the object and the ambient with plenty lighting. Sufficient lighting to the object won't be an issue with Andonstar USB microscopes. 2. Compact Size Obviously, the Andonstar USB digital microscopes feature compact size. The compact size makes it easy to take the USB microscope...