• AD206 VS AD207: What are the Differences and Which One Is Better?

    AD206 VS AD207: What are the Differences and Which One Is Better?
    As favorites of many Andonstar's customers, AD206 and AD207 have been difficult choices for many people since the two digital microscopes have many common points which make people confused. Today we discuss the differences and the respective advantages of AD206 and AD207 digital microscope.As we can see from their appearance, both of AD206 and AD207 have a 7-inch LCD screen, an adjustable stand and two LED light with bracket. From inside, both of them feature 2 mega pixels HD sensor and max 30f/s frame rate. But AD206 and AD207 use different softwares, so they have different magnification, video output, image...
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  • Adonstar AD206 VS Celestron 5MP Digital Microscope: which is the best?

      Selecting a digital microscope may be a little difficult. Many people will hesitate in choosing which one to buy. One of my friends recommand me to buy two type: Adonstar AD206 VS Celestron 5MP Digital Microscope. I have studied on them and bought them to have a test. Display Andonstar AD206 Digital Microscope has a display of 7 inches. The huge screen helps me get a clear view of the images and videos. Moreover, its display is adjustable. By adjusting the display, I can keep a comfortable pose while working and there is no need for me to...
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