Everything You Need To Know About Soldering Microscope

1.What is a soldering microscope?

A soldering microscope is simply a microscope which can help with your PCB inspection, SMD soldering and other types of electronics work and repairs.

2.Why do you need a soldering microscope?

With the development of technology, electronic components have become more and more micro, with the naked eyes to see the circuit board and soldering becomes more and more difficult, so digital microscope has become a necessary  tool to help work with PCB inspection and SMD soldering.

It will help you to complete your work faster and better, and also protect your eyesight!

A micro soldering microscope is an essential tool for SMD soldering, PCB inspection and other types of electronics work and repairs. The best electronics microscope for soldering should have extended working distance, magnification from 10x-200x and the ability to attach a camera to record videos and capture images. 

3.Best soldering microscopes

The best soldering microscopes should have 10x-300x magnification, high quality screen display and extended working distance, it also needs to have the ability to record videos and capture photos.

Now let’s introduce some best soldering microscopes:

1.Andonstar AD407 digital microscope

The Andonstar AD407 digital microscope features 7-inch adjustable screen enabling users to view parts and components of the PCB clearly, the AD407 digital microscope can provide clear images with a deep depth of field under a high object distance.

It can record videos and take photos.

 Its UV filter can protect the lens from oil and heat during the soldering process. 

It has a height-adjustable stand that can be moved backward and forward easily, leaving enough space for your soldering work.

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2.Andonstar AD409 digital microscope

With a 10.1-inch large adjustable LCD screen, the AD409 digital microscope comes withs a  larger screen and more advanced firmware than the AD407 digital microscope, providing users with a better PCB inspection experience.

With a high-quality sensor, the HDMI digital microscope has max 4032x3024 (12M 4032*3024) photo resolution and can provide clear and high-quality images. Moreover, the magnification of AD409 can reach up to 300X and allows you to view the smallest solder joints on the large 10.1-inch display or on the external monitor connected with the microscope.

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3.Andonstar AD208

If you have a smaller budget, the AD208 will be what you are looking for, it has higher price-to-performance ratio, The AD208 comes with an 8.5-inch LCD screen which allows users to have a larger field of view.Its adjustable metal stand, designed for more convenient observation, can be rotated through 270 degrees, enlarging the working space. Moreover, equipped with 2 megapixels HD sensor, the handheld digital microscope has up to 260X magnification power and its photo resolution can reach max 12M(4032x3024). 

Check the Andonstar AD208 digital microscope Now.

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