Everything You Need To Know about Coin microscope

What can coin microscope do?

If you're a professional coin collector, a coin microscope is a must-have tool for you.As  it can help you examine your coins for defects, scratches and irregularities. 

So what can you see with a coin microscope? A coin microscope may help you view residues of cleaning materials, which if left unattended, could hardly damage your investment.

Coin microscopes can also identify  any error on the coin, which may have happened when the coin was manufactured.

You can also use your coin microscope to take pictures or record videos of your precious coin collection, and share them with others.The love is to share.

Best coin microscopes

1.Andonstar AD208 8.5'' Digital Microscope

The AD208 comes with an 8.5-inch LCD screen which allows users to have a larger field to view your coin collections.Equipped with 2 megapixels HD sensor, its photo resolution can reach max 12M(4032x3024).It has a high object distance so you can view your whole coin and take pictures.

2.Andonstar AD206 7'' HD Digital Microscope

Andonstar AD206 Digital Microscope features a 7-inch adjustable display and a height-adjustable stand. The bracket, the LCD screen and the dual LED lights could be adjusted freely, which is easy to apply in various applications and brings 3D effect and larger operation space, which is perfect to view your coin.

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