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Andonstar AD207S 7 inch HDMI Digital Microscope, Coin Microscope with LED

Andonstar AD207S 7 inch HDMI Digital Microscope, Coin Microscope with LED

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【UHD 2160P HDMI Digital Microscope】Ultra-high definition 2160P Video Record, 7 inch IPS screen while supporting HDMI output, microscope screen and HDMI screen can display simultaneously that allows you to see a more microscopic world and free your eyes all the time.
【Coin Microscope with Extension Column for Full View of Coin】Equipped with a 4'' high extension column, you can easily get a full view of coins, such as Dollar 38.1mm (1.5 in), Half Dollar 30.61mm (1.205 in).
【Soldering Microscope with High Object Distance Metal Stands】Andonstar’s traditional 6'' high metal bracket, plus the new upgraded 4'' high extension column, meet the needs of your larger work envelope, and the bracket angle is adjustable which can bring you 3D visual effects.
【UV filter protect the lens】UV filter and strong metal material, suitable for high-temperature environments such as soldering and repairing.
【Wireless Remote Control】It is convenient for you to operate from a long distance and supports functions such as image discoloration and digital zoom. It is especially suitable for educational demonstrations and other scenes. Easily take photos and videos, and avoid the shake that affects the picture quality caused by pressing the screen buttons.
【Easy to Use】Rotate the focusing wheel to focus, and rotate the bracket knob to adjust the object distance. Quick access to the wonderful microscopic world!
【Adjustable LED Lights】Built-in 8 LED lights to surround the lens, and the light intensity can be adjusted by rotating the gear under the screen button. Also comes with 2 metal base plate side lights, with a total of eight intensity levels of LED lights that can meet your different requirements for image brightness.


Andonstar AD207S: 7 inch IPS LCD HDMI Digital Microscope

· Video Format: MP4

· Video Resolution: UHD 2880x2160 24fps; FHD 1920x1080 60fps/30fps; HD 1280x720 120fps

· Magnification: Up to 330 times(with3 times digital zoom, output to 27inch HDMI monitor)

· Photo Format&Resolution: JPG, Max 5600*4200 (24M 5600*4200)

· Focus range: Minimum 2cm

· Video output: HDMI/USB

· PC support: Windows XP/7/8/10, PC software with measurement

· Storage: Micro-SD card, Up to 64G(not included)

· Power source: 5V, 2A

· Light source: 2 side LED lights on the stand, 8 built-in LED lights to surround the lens

· Stand size: 20cm*12cm*19cm


What you can get:

1. Microscope bracket 2. Extension column

3. Bracket and Base plate adapter

4. Base plate adapter fixing screw, Base metal clips, wrench set

5. Base plate 6. Microscope host

7. UV filter(has been assembled to the front of the lens)

8. Power plug 9. Switch cable

10. HDMI cable 11. USB cable

12. Remote control 13. Instruction








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