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3 lenses AD246S-M/AD249S-M LCD HDMI 10/7 inch Digital Microscope HDMI&PC Supported

3 lenses AD246S-M/AD249S-M LCD HDMI 10/7 inch Digital Microscope HDMI&PC Supported

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246S-M 249S-M
Lens A 18-720 18-720
focus rane 12-320mm 12-320mm
Lens D 1800-2040 1800-2040
focus rane 4-5mm 4-5mm
Lens L 60-240 60-240
focus rane 90-300mm 90-300mm
Video Res. Max 2880*2160 UHD 24fps 2880*2160 UHD 24fps
Video Format MP4 MP4
Frame Rate Max 120 fps 120 fps
Photo Res. 5600*2400(with interpolation ) 5600*2400(with interpolation)
Photo Format JPG JPG
Screen Size 7 inch 10 inch
HDMI Output √(support duel-screen display) √(only HDMI monitor displays)
PC Output
Bracket Size 20*18*30cm
Package Include Microscope, Metal stand, 3 Lenses(A,D&L), Slide holder, Remote, Dimmer cable, HDMI cable, USB cable, Slides kit, Tweezers, Bug box



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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Eugenio Marabese

Great device !!! It make possible works otherwise impossible. I would buy this microscope long time before. I strongly raccomand.

Barry Thompson

3 lenses 10/7 in LCD HDMI Digital Microscope 246S-M/249S-M Multifunction Solder, Coin/Stone Collect External HDMI&PC Supported

Excellent microscope

This is my first microscope. The image quality and magnification are excellent.

More of a "thank you" than a review.

This review is for the 246 7 inch screen version. It's the first microscope I've ever owned so part of my enthusiasm comes from that. So I cannot compare it with other models, either from Andonstar or from others. However I will try to include things I wish I knew when I ordered it. I chose this model for its adjustable mounting and I'm glad I did, good thinking old me! It was not available in Europe (Romania) so I ordered directly from this site. I had worries, which turned out to be silly. An easy 5 stars from me, both for the product and Andonstar in general.

- Purchase & Shipping: Flawless. 24 hours after Paypal payment it had already left China, 24 hours later it was already in Romania (where it spent 3 weeks in slooow customs). It was my first time getting something through DHL from outside the EU and it went smooth overall. Store kept in touch with me on mail throughout these weeks, worried about why I hadn't yet received the package.

- Materials: Pleasantly suprised. Metals have no sharp edges, everything is bolted down securely. Plastics have a nice feel. I wouldn't call it "premium", but it feels and looks professional.

- Manual: english only, a bit of google translate here and there but nothing to laugh at. Information was correct, I just wish they included an explanation of the three leds next to the card slot. There are also 2 screws and an Allen key (not listed in the manual), and I have no idea what they're for. Extra?

- Lenses: If you don't tighten the 2 screws equally, you will get movement jams on the focusing cylinder. The A lens seems the worst at it, the L lens seems more forgiving. The D lens really shines when using it with the included slides. You can use it on very small 3d objects as well, such as a clothes moth, but be aware that the focusing depth of it is about half the size of a moth's eye. So you could get into some really extreme macro photos. But I guess it's meant for checking textures and textiles. Bacteria? Uhmm. Well I could spot some red blood cells, I think... I'm gonna try to get hold of some proper medical slides before I get draw a conclusion. A word of caution: the picture that you see of what looks like a HUGE cell in most pictures of such microscopes is probably a pine stem (included in the slides btw, looks awesome). Although you can easily view a waterbear (smallest should be the width of a finger, biggest would fill the screen), most human cells would be just a few pixels, enough to spot but... But overall it did exceed my "organic" expectations and I think it's gonna be more useful to me than a medical level of magnification.

- Lens horizontal FOV (part of a ruler that fills the screen): D 4mm -> 1mm, A 80mm -> 2.5mm, L 20mm -> 5mm. So D is for scaring yourself, A is for general viewing OR working with bigger objects, such as painting figurines, L is for electronic work with a generous vertical distance (9cm from the subject instead of A's 2cm at the same FOV of 5mm).

- Connectivity: It's powered by any USB port, including power adapters for mobile phones. HDMI output worked with my monitor, it mirrored what I could see on the small screen (the 7 inch one) with very little lag. USB was a bit more weird. The power cable doesn't transfer data, and the included data cable only worked with my USB2 port, not USB3. Image lag was very noticeable, roughly 1/3 seconds. The manual suggests installing a free app called "Microscope Measure" which worked quite well and it could be useful if you want to measure stuff. I don't, so I'll just stick to the HDMI solution which is much smoother.

- Possible improvements? I'd rather the base included the buttons for the lights instead of having the cable remote. I'd rather the power cable was also a data cable. That's about it really.

Overall I love this product, otherwise I wouldn't have wasted almost 2 hours to write this.

Wonderful product!!

I am so glad I purchased this equipment! The magnification is wonderful! No more squinting!