Download user manuals of Andonstar digital microscopes and other important documents:

User manual of AD409

User manual of AD407

User manual of AD206S

User manual of ADSM302

User manual of ADSM201

User manual of AD106&AD106S

User manual of AD105S

User manual of ADSM301

User manual of AD206

User manual of AD207

User manual of AD208

Instructions for Andonstar Measure IOS Version



Download laest Measure software for Andonstar digital microscopes:

Microscope Measure V3.5.1.exe

*Download the "My Measure App" for IOS/Android: 

 Note: only works with AD409 digital microscope.

Download directly by searching "My Measure App" with IOS system.
Search "My Measure App"  at "Google App Store" with Android system.

*Download the "A1 drive" for Windows: 

Note: only works with A1 USB digital microscope.




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