• How To Check Faulty Components on PCB

    Before repairing an electronic device, you first need to find the faulty component on its printed circuit board, or PCB. this can be a challenging task, as different components require different test procedures. It makes sense to check transistors first, as you can do a quick in-line test. Passive components such as resistors and inductors fail less frequently, although they too can be damaged or burned out.
  • What Is Digital Microscope And What Are Its Uses?

    What Is Digital Microscope And What Are Its Uses?
    A digital microscope is applicable to the inspection of electronic industry production line, the inspection of the printed circuit board, the inspection of welding defects (printing misalignment, collapsed edge, etc.) in printed circuit assembly, the inspection of single-board PC, the inspection of vacuum fluorescent display VFD, and also the identification of printing grid, word painting, etc. 
  • Phoenix Optical Announces New AI Intelligent Digital Microscope Adopting Built-in Huawei Chip

    In addition to smart phones, tablets, watches, speakers and other products, what else can Huawei chips do? Some products may be completely unexpected. Phoenix Optical Technologies Ltd announced the launch of a new generation of AI intelligent digital microscope adopting the Huawei chip. This AI microscope has a built-in high-performance Huawei chip and uses AI big data algorithms to assist in analysis, greatly improving the accuracy and efficiency of microscopic observation, but the report did not mention specific details, and no detailed specifications were announced on the official website.
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