Technology Trends: The Newest Digital Microscope Model in 2020

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Technology is changing rapidly. 2020 is accelerating the tech industry. The latest trends in technology are constantly emerging, and so is the digital microscope industry. Let's have a look at the newest digital microscope model ini 2020 to grasp the latest technology trends.

With the emergence of 4K ultra high resolution display, images in 1080P can no longer meet the requirements of some users for picture clarity. Combined with the 140MP CMOS image sensor, Andonstar have launched the AD1605 4K Ultra HD Industrial Video Microscope

Featuring an oversized metal base, it can provide users with infinite operation and working space and enough room to place the object.

The adjustable bracket allows users to make an observation from every angle and it can be very easy to make an observation from every angle. 

With a resolution of 4032x3024 and a frame rate of up to 60 frames per second and great reflection suppression function, Andonstar AD1605 4k industrial microscope combines functions of magnying, photographing and video recording, and it is free from the constraints of traditional PC.

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