Most High-performance Microscope Camera In 2020 - Must-read Guide

As digital microscope depends on an imaging system, so the microscope camera is highly important. An excellent microscope camera should feature short reaction times, fast live images, high resolution and crisp contrast. We choose the most high-performance microscope cameras in 2020 so as to give you reference regarding choosing the microscope. 

1. Leica Microscope Cameras

Leica Microscope Cameras
Leica is a brand of cameras produced by a well-known German company, in which Leica Microsystems is included. The Leica microscopes has been very popular. The Leica's microscope cameras are scientific tool that features high image resolution up to 1080p and high zoom power of microscopes. 
Moreover, the Leica microscope camera is renowned for their optical precision and excellent imaging processing systems, providing easy integration, high speed and super convenience. 

2.Olypus Microscope Cameras

Olypus Microscope Cameras
Olypus is a microscope brand that has been a pioneer of microscope camera researcher. The Olypus microscope camera has high-resolution HD sensor and the microscope can reveal the finest details and structures of the object you are observing. Olypus microscope camera's capacity of reproduction and documentation is unparalleled and will provide you with its best digital imaging performance

3.OptixCam Microscope Cameras

OptixCam Microscope Cameras
is the brand of digital microscope cameras of The OptixCam microscope cameras feature large display and full resolution image. The CX3 1080p 2.0MP microscope camera adopts Sony chip sensor and it has max 240V auto-sensing input power. This microscope camera is compatible with any standard trinocular microscope.

These microscope camera brand we recommend are generally for school and domestic use, industrial inspection and healthcare and research use. They are able to provide standard image capture, precise monitoring and documentation.


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