Children's Digital Microscope Review - 2020 Latest Version Buying Guide

Choosing a gift for children these days may be quite a daunting thing for patents. Seeing children's digital microscope getting more and more popular, parents are thinking about buying their kids a children's digital microscope.

Given that there are many digital microscope for kids to choose from, we are committed to helping parents purchase the right gift for their needs, and we recommand Andonstar AD205 Children's Digital Microscope to you. Below is AD205's review. 


Nowadays, appearance of a product is very important. If a difital microscope has a good appearance, children will be attracted by it and interested in exploring the world around him with it.

Andonstar AD205 Children's Digital Microscope has colorful plastic stand, which looks very fashionable, beautiful and child-friendly. Colorful stand will attract children's attention and arouse their interest in science. Moreover, the plastic stand makes the digital microscope lighter and convenient to bring out-door and easy used by kids.


Remember that you are choosing a gift for your kids, so you are looking for the best beginner digital microscope. So the camera with which digital microscopes are equipped satisfies, in fact, the basic requirement. 

Andonstar AD205 Children's Digital Microscope is equipped with a camera with 2 Mega Pixels HD Sensor, which can magnify rocks, plants, insects, stamps, diamond or anythings kids take an interest in, up to 200 times. Moreover, its photo resolution is max 4032x3024 (12M) and kids can view clear pictures of what they magnify. Capturing the picture at a high resolution makes Andonstar AD205 have an excellent performance.


Beyond all doubt, a digital microscope should be connected to a computer, laptop, or any other type of visualizing or storing device. But Andonstar AD205 can't be connected to such devices. However, it possesses 5 inches display, similar to the average smartphone screen, which provide users with wide sphere of vision and can be directly watched without external screen, thus liberates users' eyes.


It's very crucial for a digital microscope to own the function of recording, children's digital microscope is no exception.

Not only can Andonstar AD205 allow users to capture the images, but also they can allow users to record the video. Therefore,children and parents can record children's "great discovery" in photos or in video, and save them on the microscope and then send the videos to the computor.


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