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Andonstar, Andonstar digital microscope, microscope, repair, soldering -

Featuring 5-inch large LCD screen, Andonstar ADSM301 HDMI digital microscope is equipped with 3 mega pxels HD sensor, increasing the resolution and enabling users to take clearer images and videos. 

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Andonstar, Andonstar digital microscope, butterfly, digital microscope, insect specimen, micro soldering, microscope, SMD, soldering, soldering microscope -

I have bought some butterfly specimens for observation. They look very beautiful At first sight, these butterfly obsess me because they are really very charming! But... When I put them under a digital microscope, I saw terrible thing... I can't believe my eyes... This scene looks like Christ on the Cross. A little scary. Tail of the butterfly. The digital microscope under which I put the butterfly specimens is Andonstar AD206S.

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