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Since its release on the digital microscope market, the Andonstar AD208 digital microscope has been a favor of many customers because of its high performance-price ratio and  its comparability with the AD206 digital microscope. In all, the Andonstar AD208 digital microscope has many advantages and it is worthwhile for the buyer to have it in the hand. Why not improve your work with the AD208 digital microscope? It's worth possessing it!

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All these elements of Andonstar digital microscopes can improve work quality and efficiency. Moreover, the compatiblity of the Andonstar digital microscope with the measure software enables image capture and data analysis; a convenient way to quickly change magnifications. These features enable Andonstar digital microscope users to perform faster and more reliable data documentation and analysis, thus increasing the efficiency of inspection, quality control and FA workflows.

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A printed circuit board is a panel or plate made up of one or a pair of conductive patterns. They are located on the surface of the dielectric base. In some cases, a system of conducting patterns located on the surface and in the volume of the dielectric base is used. The main purpose of printed circuit boards is to mechanically fasten quantum electronics and electronic technology, as well as to connect them electrically. Varieties of printed circuit boards The simplest option is a plate with copper conductors on one side, connecting the elements of the conductive pattern only on its surface. Such products...

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