Évolution du développement du microscope numérique

Digital microscope has undergone some great improvements, which have changed the experience of end-users. Advanced but user-friendly digital microscope has completely changed many industries and allowed users to complete inspection tasks more effectively. Microscopes have been used for general inspection, quality control and research and development in industry for decades. The digital revolution of microscope expands the function of optical microscope by creating new possibilities, such as image sharing, analysis and measurement. They pave the way for complex and user-friendly experiences-especially industrial applications.

The advantage of digital microscope is that it is an independent instrument with easy-to-use control devices, which are either built in the equipment or built in the remote controller. Most advanced digital microscopes will have built-in LED lighting, snapshot/video recording function and zoom/focus control. These features eliminate the need to purchase additional accessories, such as external lighting products and additional microscope eyepieces.

Three-eye microscope system enables the operator to observe the inspection results on the monitor or through the microscope eyepiece according to the application requirements. Digital cameras transform microscopes into digital systems by integrating advanced functions. Some cameras have an integrated display, so there is no need for an external display. Many digital microscope products come with software that allows operators to easily capture and save images. Simple calibration also allows the operator to make accurate measurements in the software. Split screen view allows users to compare micrographs side by side. This comparison view allows users to share real-time presentations of online meetings through webcams. Raw data can also be recorded and exported as a written report. Various color cameras and autofocus cameras also have various adjustment functions, such as exposure, white balance, brightness/contrast/sharpening and freeze-frame. The cutting-edge camera comes with U disk and internal measurement software; This is another example of digital microscopy without a computer.

Although traditional microscope and digital microscope are still valuable, there is a high demand for screen inspection system, which has good reasons. The most important advantage of digital microscope lies in ergonomics, especially when the microscope is used for a long time. Various digital inspection systems reduce eye fatigue and neck fatigue, because there is no need to constantly observe through eyepieces. On the contrary, these systems allow the operator to move his head freely, so there is no muscle strain and no wrong working position. Compared with stereo microscope, digital microscope has the following advantages:
  • Higher resolution can capture higher levels of detail
  • A larger field of vision provides a larger perspective
  • Enlargement range increases
  • Color balance to achieve accurate color pattern interpretation
  • Real-time viewing through HDMI signal and autofocus can shorten the delay time
In more detail, the larger field of view and longer working distance of digital microscope are very important for effective assembly and maintenance. The new system with autofocus function allows quick inspection at different heights and magnifications without adjustment. They also provide greater depth of field, making work easier and more efficient. With USB and HDMI interfaces and auto-focus function, the processing speed becomes so efficient that there is almost no delay time between changing the object being viewed and what is seen on the computer monitor.

The development of digital microscopy makes it easier for multiple users to share micrographs. Images can be enlarged immediately, and can be automatically focused in some cases, and high-resolution observation can be made on the display for several people to check at the same time. Built-in functions and cutting-edge software make it easy to capture images, record videos, measure and annotate.

Microscope technology has not only become more powerful, but also reduced in size. USB and HDMI technology are the result of miniaturization. Portable hand-held microscope is powerful and can be used in combination with notebook computer in the field without external power supply. Other inspection systems allow users to connect microscopes directly to high-definition displays via USB or HDMI output without the need for computers.

Although digital microscopes have many advantages, they still need to overcome one major challenge: they can only present 2D views of objects. With proper processing ability and software, sometimes using special glasses, it is possible to get the depth and texture of objects. However, this sense of depth is far less detailed or accurate than that which can be achieved by users with 20/20 vision using traditional stereomicroscopes. Traditional eyepiece microscopes are still important, partly because of the cost involved in trying to present 3D views with digital microscopes. With the rapid changes of camera technology, the integrated digital microscope lacks flexibility. At the same time, the new development of digital microscope continues to transform the scientific and industrial inspection process, making it easier for operators to view, measure and share their work.

Digital microscope technology has replaced traditional microscope technology in some aspects, but these two methods are still very important in many industries today. Although digital inspection system can reduce eye fatigue and neck fatigue caused by stereomicroscope, 3D inspection perspective is still very important. Digital microscope is in great demand because of its convenience and ease of use, even for non-professional users, and operators can complete inspection tasks more efficiently than ever before. These advanced microscope systems can zoom in immediately, focus automatically, and produce high-definition images watched by many people at the same time.
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