Comment utiliser un microscope de mesure

Measuring microscope is a kind of optical measuring instrument equipped with aiming microscope and coordinate table for two-dimensional coordinate dimension measurement. Measuring microscope adopts the transmission and reflection method to make precise measurement on the length and angle of workpiece.

It is especially suitable for testing of video heads, line widths of large scale integrated circuits and other precision parts, and is an ideal compact and multi-purpose precision measuring instrument. In the article below, we will talk about how to use a measuring microscope. 

Installation and use of measuring microscopes:

Check the safety of the surrounding environment, whether the power supply, voltage, LED light source, grounding wire and so on are correct and solid, should be in accordance with and requirements.

2. Check main components of measuring microscope kinematic performance.

Measuring microscope table, longitudinal and transverse slide rail, micrometer, microscope arm rail elevation, angle plate rotation and other components, after visual observation and manual test, must confirm the structure is installed reliably, accurate position, operating performance should be comfortable and intact, no loose block and rapid jump phenomenon exists.

3. Angle-measuring eyepiece inspection.

① Check the zero position of microscope goniophotometer eyepiece;
② Checking the coincidence of the intersection of the crosshairs of the measuring microscope goniometer eyepiece and its center of wide rotation.

Operation of the measuring microscope:

1. Place the test sample on the measuring table, as far as possible in the center of the glass. 

2. Turn the focusing hand wheel of the measuring microscope until the sight is clear, judge the Z thin point by visual inspection, rotate the measuring table and rely on the vertical and horizontal adjustment, adjust the original reference in the direction of Z thin point to coincide with the crosshairs, record the scale value X1 corresponding to the test mark line. 

3. Adjust the transverse handle, move the measuring table along the X axis, record the reading of the other side X2, the difference between X1 and X2 is the measured value. 

4. Rotate the measuring table and measure the readings of each point in sequence.

5. When measuring the diameter, move the X and Y axis to read the value respectively.

Precautions of measuring microscope

1. The use and maintenance of measuring microscope is a strong technical work, the operator should be trained with professional skills, master the necessary operating skills and establish the necessary work inspection system.

2. Measuring microscope should be properly and reasonably arranged to use. The storage place of the instrument should avoid dust, dampness, sudden temperature change or containing acidic or alkaline gas environment.

3. Measuring microscope optical parts: eyepiece, objective lens, glass table and so on, optical parts of the surface oil dust clean, can be degreased cotton dipped in a little alcohol and ether mixture, wipe gently, do not wipe the lens wool.

4. Measuring the microscope maintenance, maintenance, debugging, without technical training do not have the professional skills to disassemble debugging and cleaning and refueling.

5. Power system failure, need to cut off the power supply, and then check. Replace the light bulb of transmittance lighting, dismantle the bottom cover and check and replace.


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