Explication sur l'inclinaison du support Andonstar AD407

Many customers like to install vertically the bracket when assembling our digital microscopes, but the slightest inattention during the installment, for instance, the bracket and base interface are wrongly connected, or the screws are not tightened properly, will lead to tilt of bracket.
Andonstar digital microscope

In this case, it’s easy for the customer to think that there is a manufacturing defect and error in the bracket, but in fact it is not. Considering that one inclinable and tiltable bracket will help users to view the object at any angle and the tilt function is not only for ease of use but also for the ergonomic design consideration: users can view the object with a comfortable position and reduces pressure and pain in the cervical spine.

Andonstar digital microscope

This bracket is AD407 bracket which has been upgraded. The former AD407 bracket need to be adjusted with a customized wrench. Since the wrench isn’t available on the market, it’s very inconvenient for the customers to adjust the bracket.
Andonstar digital microscope
On account of this factor, we have upgraded the bracket and now it just need external force to make the adjustment. Those who have enough strength can use hands to adjust the ring, those who don’t have enough strength can use a common wrench to adjust the rings.
Andonstar AD407 digital microscope

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