Andonstar Microscope Market 2020: Background, Development And Innovativeness

Andonstar digital microscope is a kind of microscope with digital function which can convert ordinary microscope image into digital image for easy processing and transmission.

Technical background for the birth of the Andonstar Microscope

At present, all kinds of optical microscopes are widely used in industry, medicine, education, scientific research, science and other fields, but a large number of traditional optical microscopes do not have the functions of digital shooting, display and recording. Professional microscopes with shooting function are very complicated and expensive, which is difficult to be popularized, so that hospitals and other organizations that use microscopes in large quantities can only rely on the experience of examiners to judge the results of the observation, but the scientific quantitative judgment is still difficult to make. At the same time, in recent years, the development and popularity of digital photography technology is getting more and more rapid, while the global digital camera market is facing overcapacity and fierce competition. So it's urgent to find new applications. Considering the digital camera is a relatively low-cost, and it can be a very useful tool to transform ordinary images into digital images for network transmission and quantitative analysis. It is against this technological backdrop that the Andonstar microscope was born.


The purpose of Andonstar is to design a digital microscope that combines the advantages of both, which is capable of magnifying the object with optical lens, as well as displaying, shooting, storing and transmitting the data of a digital camera, given that a laboratory microscope with a shooting function is very expensive, bulky and difficult to popularize, and that the existing optical microscopes have no function  of displaying, shooting, storing and transmitting of a digital camera.

Here is the technical solution Andonstar gives: inventing a digital microscope with screen, lens, bracket, LED lights and base. 

The utility digital microscope further adopts the following technical measures: the lens of digital camera has an interface connected to a computer to transmit the photographic images.

The illumination lamp installed in the load table is an LED light.

The objective lens assembly is composed of an array of lenses mounted in a converter.

Advantages of Andonstar digital microscope

1, Andonstar digital microscope is cost-effective and combines the function of the microscope. Andonstar finds a way out for the excess capacity of the digital camera.

The essence of the digital microscope is to combine the traditional optical microscope with modern digital camera technology to create a cheap microscope with digital camera. The use of digital camera hardware and software can easily achieve the functions of displaying, shooting, storage, transmission and other functions.

2、Fill the blank market, solve the system optical microscope without digital camera function, laboratory microscope is very expensive, bulky and difficult to popularize the status quo, to solve the problem of functionality and cost-effectiveness.

3、Andonstar microscope will combine optical microscope and digital camera to design both optical microscope and digital microscope with digital zoom function.

4、The Andonstar microscope makes use of the production technology and capability of the existing optical microscope and the digital camera, which can be manufactured. What's more, the quality of products is easy to control.

5、Simple structure, convenient manufacture, low cost, easy to use, Andonstar digital microscope has broad market prospects.

6、It can be widely used. The Andonstar digital microscope can be used in hospitals, laboratories, factories, schools, research units, families and other occasions.

7、Lay the foundation for the next step of digital quantitative analysis of microscopic images.

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