5 Best Children Microscope You Can't Miss in 2020

If you are hungery for an unexceptionable gift for your kid, a digital microscope will be a wonderful choice. Andonstar has developed 5 kinds of digital microscope for children. These children microscopes have received many positive reviews. Let's take a look at these 5 kinds of kid's microscope.

1. Andonstar AD108 7'' LCD Screen Digital Microscope for Children

If your kids are hungry for the knowledge, there is one way to help them satisfy their curiosity: to have them accompanied by an instructive tool. The Andonstar AD108 digital microscope is what you are looking for. It comes with 7-inch LCD screen, fireware of up to 200X magnification ratio and plastic stand, which allow children to observe the object with great ease. The LED light on the bottom can be adjusted easily. Designed for children, this compact digital microscope is of high performance. It's equipped with 2 mega pixels HD sensor and the photo resolution of the camera can maximally reach 4032x3024. With AD108 digital microscope, children can take clear images and record high quality videos of their experiment process. 

2. Andonstar AD102 Portable USB Digital Microscope for Kids

Looking for a scholarly mentor and beneficial friend for your children? Andonstar AD102 will be the best choice! Equipped with HD Sensor, Andonstar AD102 possesses a 4.3 inches display and a video output of 1080P (FHD) and 720P (HD) which produce high-quality imagesThe digital microscope can be connected with computor and it supports AVI video format. Its magnification can reach 220X, which will permit kids to observe minute structure of insects and plants. Perfect tool for popularization of science. Most importantly, it's able to arouse kids' curiosity and interest into the nature and microworld. 

3. Andonstar AD205 200X Kid's Digital Microscope

Andonstar AD205 is a children's digital microscope with 200X magnification and max 4032x3024 (12M) photo resolution. Its 5 inches display is similar to the average smartphone screen and provides wide sphere of vision. Users can directly watch without external screen, liberating theirs eyes. This digital microscope for kids can be used directly after being taken out of the box. With portable and child-friendly colorful plastic stand, it's easy and convenient to use both for kids and adults. Besides, AD205 is a very useful tool to promote popularization of science and can be used in science class and family. The colorful shell will attract children to explore the unknown. Andonstar AD205 will be kids' knowledgeable friend and teacher. 

4. Andonstar AD106S Digital Microscope with 4.3-inch Display

As the unique combination of high quality optics, a high quality stand and high quality microscopic lens, this great Andonstar USB digital microscope can provide you with all functions for various use, such as precision measurements, image capture, documentation, traceable report generation and so on. With up to 220X continuous magnification and 2 LED lights, this great portable microscope makes your children successfully capture the clearest picture of smallest parts of things.

5. Andonstar AD105S Digital Microscope for Slides Fabrics Observation

As the unique combination of high quality optics, a high quality stand and high quality microscopic lens, this innovative, compact and affortable digital microscope is perfect for observing insects, plants, coins, stamp, jewelry and so on. Its movable microscope observation platform protects small, fragile object from any damage caused by direct movement. With 90-600X magnification, you can view the images clearly with the digital microscope. Its multifunctional movable block permits you to get the light source from the bottom and to put the glass slides and bugs (and so on) on it to observe. It supports 32G TF Card for save the pics and videos and supports PC, Windows XP/7/8, the software is free charge. Moreover, it's easy to use and carry. If you wanna go outdoors, you can carry the power bank to connect the microscope, and then you can observe the nature with your kids.

A digital microscope can be fun and educational at the same time. Don't hesitate to get one for your kid. Your child is just one-click away from satisfying their curiosity. 

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