Use Andonstar Digial Microscope for PCB Inspection and Analysis

The digital microscopes have proven to be very helpful and useful in the inspection of the microelectronics industry, quality control and quality assurance (QC/QA) and failure analysis (FA), especially for printed circuit boards (PCBs).

The advanced improvements have made digital microscopes more powerful and practical for PCB check and inspection, improving work efficiency. The operation and analysis software can be a quick and easy way to change the magnification, and adopting coding for reliable parameters.

Why should you examine the PCBs with a digital microscope?

Images can be viewed directly on a display. the Andonstar digital microscopes provides users with an easier and faster way to record high-quality, reliable image data and performs rapid analysis, resulting in increased efficiency when inspecting microelectronic components and parts.

What features of the digital microscope lead to reliable analysis and greater work efficiency?

The Andonstar digital microscopes feature full digital microscope elements: large FHD LCD screen allowing users to get live images and videos and to obtain real-time observation and analysis, high-quality HD image sensor to get clear and high-definition images and videos, LED fill lights providing sufficient and bright light source, height-adjustable stand making the workplace satisfy the needs of users, helpful UV fliter protecting the digital microscope from heat and damage, and large stable base offering large working platform. 

All these elements of Andonstar digital microscopes can improve work quality and efficiency. Moreover, the compatiblity of the Andonstar digital microscope with the measure software enables image capture and data analysis; a convenient way to quickly change magnifications. These features enable Andonstar digital microscope users to perform faster and more reliable data documentation and analysis, thus increasing the efficiency of inspection, quality control and FA workflows.

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