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Andonstar AD246S-P/AD249S-P HDMI 7/10 inch 3 Lenses LCD Biological Digital Microscope

Andonstar AD246S-P/AD249S-P HDMI 7/10 inch 3 Lenses LCD Biological Digital Microscope

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3 lenses 18-720x, 1560-2040x, 2760-4080x continuous zoom in for hobby, Industrial and biologic purposes. Reversed quadruple nosepiece slots, Two empty lens slots (RMS 20.2mm) so users could use their own lens for certain use.

7/10 inch built-in monitor ensures an easy and comfortable observation for all users including eyeglass wearers. The device can take videos up to 2880*2160 resolution, picture resolution reaches 24M 5600*4200 (with interpolation)

The lifting bracket is made of metal and plastic: the metal part helps to firmly fix the monitor still, plastic part effectively reduces static electricity. The lower part has a bigger diameter, which naturally gives a lower limit stop to prevent the monitor from accidental dropping to slides

Mechanical stage, size of 122*138mm with a movement range of 0-58mm vertically, on where you place slides and what to move to find the best image and magnifications. It comes with a hole in the middle, where the bottom light goes through and to set the three backdrop boards to observe different slides.

Multiple outputs: HDMI to a monitor, USB to a computer or simply use a memory card to save all images you capture. The gift-giving Windows software offers image-development and measurement tools, as well as advanced compositing features such as "sharpness" and "edge detect".




Lens A-Coin Microscope

Applications: coin, stones, stamp collection, circuit board observation.

Highlights: Whole or partial Coin can be observed with a 12-320mm working distance.

Lens B-Biological Microscope

Applications: microscope slides observation.

Highlights: 7-8mm working distance for big magnification.

Lens C-Biological Microscope

Applications: microscope slides observation.

Highlights: 3-4mm working distance for biggest magnification.


Inside the box you will receive:

1. Microscope 2. Plastic Stand 3. Lens A(has been fixed), Lens B&C 4. USB cable 5. HDMI cable 6. Remote 7. Dimmer cable 8. Backdrop Board 9. Slides kit 10. 32G SD card 11. Tweezers 12. Observation box 13. Screwdriver

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Customer Reviews

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Ciarán Tackney

Extremely badly packaged. It's a miracle that it wasn't badly damaged in transit. There was water ingress in to the top of the box also. This was no way to package a fragile piece of equipment.

Dennis Blair
Best digital HDMI 7 in. Today

Love this unit, it has features I didn't know about from add. The monitor tilts, there are two other 20.2 mm threaded ports for additional lens's. 32 g SD card is included. The light button and wireless remote are a total advantage to turn on or off, adjust the external lights and digital zoom and adjustments along with taking pics or vidio's without touching the monitor. The HDMI capability gives even easier and so much better quality observation its unbelievable. I am a miner and can identify minerals in ore down to 50 um (microns) probably even smaller if I needed to. Thanks to all on the face book support site for all the help as well. Nobody will be disappointed buying this little unit.