What you should know about digital microscope

1.What is a digital microscope

Unlike traditional optical microscopes, a digital microscope uses a digital camera to output the image into a screen or monitor.Sometimes it can run on a computer through software.

2.What Is a Digital Microscope Used for?

Digital microscopes can be used for various objects, from microorganisms to large electronic devices, can be inspected by a digital microscope. 

Industries like education, research, medicine,PCB/SMD soldering,mobile phone repair and industrial manufacturing, all use digital microscopes. 

Digital microscopes are commonly used to:

  • Inspect PCB boards
  • Inspect collectible coins or stamps
  • Identification of jewelry and antiques
  • Restore and conserve artwork
  • Repairs watches 
  • Analyze historical documents
  • Dental
  • Measuring and Toolmaker
  • Engraving and Art
  • Microsurgical
  • Mohs for Dermatology
  • Mud Logging
  • Protein Crystallography

3.What are the advantages of digital microscopes?

Digital and optical microscopes can perform the same tasks.But digital microscopes have some advantages, for example:

  • Collaboration: Unlike traditional optical microscopes magnify a small object viewed through an eyepiece, images can be shared with other people easily on digital microscopes,because they show images on a screen.
  • File storage: Images and videos taken on a digital microscope can be saved on computer hard drive or storage device.
  • Magnification:  With a optical microscope, the magnification is determined by multiplying the eyepiece magnification times the objective magnification. The average difference in magnification between an optical microscope and a digital microscope is about 40%. Thus the magnification number of a stereomicroscope is usually 40% less than the magnification number of a digital microscope.
  • Higher quality images: Digital microscopes can take high-quality images with the camera easily than optical microscopes.
  • Easy to operate: Traditional optical microscopes usually need preparation and set up before use, which digital microscopes don’t need. That is why digital microscopes are usually easier to use than optical microscopes.

4.Digital microscopes price

Digital microscopes price range from dozens of dollars to thousands of dollars.

Some USB digital microscopes cost only dozens of dollars and can be connected to a computer, while some digital microscopes which are used in industry production and Quality Inspection can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

5.About Andonstar digital microscope

Andonstar was founded in 2013, it is committed to be digital microscopes innovator and now it has been a famous digital microscope brand all over the world.

Andonstar produces digital microscopes that are for PCB inspection, microsoldering, coins and jewelry inspection and so on.

Here are some of Andonstar’s favorite digital microscopes:

Andonstar AD407 digital microscope

Andonstar ADSM302 digital microscope

Andonstar AD207 digital microscope

Andonstar AD208 digital microscope

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