• SMT Soldering|How to use a soldering iron

    SMT Soldering|How to use a soldering iron
      The soldering iron is a common electronic tool used for soldering and repairing various electronic devices such as electronic components and circuit boards. Before using a soldering iron, there are some important precautions and steps to follow to ensure the job is done safely and effectively, which will hopefully help you better understand how to use it properly.   The electric soldering iron mainly consists of the following parts:  Soldering Tip: This is the front-most part of the soldering iron and is usually made of copper. The soldering iron tip is heated and used to...
  • On the Printed circuit boards(PCB)

    On the Printed circuit boards(PCB)
    A printed circuit board is a panel or plate made up of one or a pair of conductive patterns. They are located on the surface of the dielectric base. In some cases, a system of conducting patterns located on the surface and in the volume of the dielectric base is used. The main purpose of printed circuit boards is to mechanically fasten quantum electronics and electronic technology, as well as to connect them electrically. Varieties of printed circuit boards The simplest option is a plate with copper conductors on one side, connecting the elements of the conductive pattern only...
  • Features Of Microscopes For Gemstones And Jewelry

      Gemology microscopes come with advanced features, though they’re easy to use. Some also include the ability to assign saving folders which helps with organizing images, or features that allow you to annotate images. Ring holders, gemstone and diamond stages, and light boxes are specially designed accessories you can find on some gemology microscopes that help aid in delivering the best imaging results. Below are some of the salient features of a good gemology microscope. Zoom adjustment The location of this feature can be at the top or on the sides of the microscope’s head. It...
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