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  Gemology microscopes come with advanced features, though they’re easy to use. Some also include the ability to assign saving folders which helps with organizing images, or features that allow you to annotate images. Ring holders, gemstone and diamond stages, and light boxes are specially designed accessories you can find on some gemology microscopes that help aid in delivering the best imaging results. Below are some of the salient features of a good gemology microscope. Zoom adjustment The location of this feature can be at the top or on the sides of the microscope’s head. It should always be set...

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When parents hear their children cry for a digital microscope at the first time, they usually will get confused and think that their kids want the digital microscope just because they keep up with the Joneses.  Maybe parents are right, but children do need their own digital microscope. Firstly, children are filled with curiosity and they must desire to know more about the world around them. If kids can observe the microscopic world under the digital microscope, they are capable of learn more about the nature and thus cultivate an interest in science, which will benefit children in their study and their future profession....

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