How to Pick up A Professional Digital Microscope for SMD Soldering?

Using a digital microscope for SMD soldering and micro-soldering can be very useful. Nowadays, the microscope is very popular with many engineers and it's a very helpful tool in the inspection of welding and thus in improving the quality and efficiency of soldering work.

Choosing a digital microscope can be a technical work considering that there are many digital microscope of various quality on the market. In order to help readers to distinguish best and superior digital microscope from them, we have some tips to for you to pick up the right one.

1.Considering FOV of Camera 

A soldering microscope with a high quality camera is what soldering engineers and workers need. The field of view relevant to the depth of field is a significant parameter. 

Such camera with high FOV permits them to observe the objects they are working with without straining their eyes and neck and even allows them to digitally document the whole working process if needed.

2. Considering Pixel of Camera

Whether the pixel of a soldering camera is high or not concern the soldering quality. If a SMD/micro soldering digital microscope is equipped with high pixel camera, soldering workers is capable of have a better view at the placa soldar and it's possible for them to zoom in on exactly the spot you need to solder and thereby you are able to accurately and quickly perform your work. 

3.Considering the Maximum Working Distance  

A soldering digital microscope with long object distance can ensure the safety of soldering. With the long working distance it provides, soldering specialists can make all kinds of inspection, measurement and analysis for the melting depth of welding products.

To do well in soldering, we may resort to different soldering tools. A good SMD soldering digital microscope can also be under our consideration so as to improve the quality and the efficiency of our soldering work.



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