Brief Introduction To The Digital Microscope

Also known as video microscope, digital microscope is used in electronic industry such as QC and QA, inspection of PCB, repairing and reworking of PCB, soldering and welding, ect.

It's a digital-to-analog conversion of the physical image seen through the microscope, so that it can be imaged on a computer and projected on the computer. 

Perfect combination of optical microscope technology, advanced photoelectric conversion technology and ordinary television set, the digital microscope is a high-tech product that produces an orthostatic three-dimensional image of an object while observing it.

Thus, we can move from the traditional study of the microscopic realm with ordinary binocular observation to reproduction on a monitor, thus enhancing the work efficiency.

The digital microscope has a strong sense of three-dimensionality, clear and wide image, long working distance, and is a conventional microscope with a wide range of applications.

It's easy to operate and high-efficient and very popular in the inspection of the electronic industry product and printed circuit board test.

The digital microscope can be very useful in the verification of welding defects (print misalignment, collapsed edges, etc.) in components, verification of single-board PCB, and verification of vacuum fluorescent display VFD, etc, it will be the physical image of the magnified display on the computer screen, you can view, enlarge and print the picture.

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