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3 Lenses 246M 249M 7/10 inch LCD Soldering Digital Microscope Coin Stone Collect

3 Lenses 246M 249M 7/10 inch LCD Soldering Digital Microscope Coin Stone Collect

Обычная цена $199.00
Обычная цена $239.99 Цена со скидкой $199.00
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246M 249M
Lens A 18-720 18-720
focus rane 12-320mm 12-320mm
Lens D 1800-2040 1800-2040
focus rane 4-5mm 4-5mm
Lens L 60-240 60-240
focus rane 90-300mm 90-300mm
Video Res. Max FHD 1920x1080 30fps FHD 1920x1080 30fps
Video Format AVI AVI
Frame Rate Max 30 fps 30 fps
Photo Res. 12M 4032*3024 12M 4032*3024
Photo Format JPG JPG
Screen Size 7 inch 10 inch
HDMI Output × ×
PC Output ×
Bracket Size 20*18*30cm
Package Include Microscope, Metal stand, 3 Lenses(A,D&L), Slide holder, Remote, Dimmer cable, Slides kit, Tweezers, Bug box



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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Richard Slater
Fantastic product

I am visually impaired and have been looking for something like this for a long time. This product ticks all the boxes. does what I want at a very good price.

Pretty awesome digital microscopic camera

Great picture quality and overall quality. Comes with extra lenses, slide kit and remote. Which I have yet to use. Lol. But I spent hours looking at stuff with this and fixing some tiny things. It's fairly easy to use, but the instruction sheet for assembly skips a few key steps. The manual is fairly easy to follow and includes links to video tutorials. So that's helpful. Definitely love it

Wonderful product!!

I am so glad I purchased this equipment! The magnification is wonderful! No more squinting!

Marion Perret

And clear easy set up and it does what it says it does.