3 Lenses 246M 249M 7/10 inch LCD Soldering Digital Microscope Coin Stone Collect

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  • Tri-lens with a wide magnification range(15-60x, 4.5-180x, 450-510x) make the microscope multifunctional: With this digital microscope, you can study lots of specimens such as rocks, plants, stamps, precious stones, and coins, or do electronic work like repairing or making circuit boards.
  • Great image performance: with many years devoted to this industry, we have worked the sensor, chip, screen, and lens not only high quality but also coordinated with each other very well. All of them together provide excellent image quality. The built-in rotatable monitor design ensures an easy and comfortable observation for all users including eyeglass wearers from all angles. The microscope can take videos up to 1920*1080 resolution and picture resolution reaches 12M 4032*3024.
  • The main bracket is 30cm high, providing a big working space. The boom arm is allowed to adjust vertically and horizontally. In this case, even though the circuit board is big, the microscope is still able to catch images of every part of the board. Secondary bracket allows users to adjust the height and magnifications more precisely which is very useful especially when components are tiny.
  • Multifunctional accessories: remote--ealiser control the microscope without touching the monitor(which would cause shaking to the image) and realize more functions. dimmer cable--to adjust illumination; slide holder with clips--movable, comes with button lights; tweezers&Observation box--to place and save different specimen

Lens A-Coin Microscope

Applications: coin, stones, stamps collection.

Highlights: Whole or partial Coin can be observed with a 12-320mm working distance.


Lens L-Soldering Microscope

Applications: circuit board observation, watch repairing.

Highlights: 90-300mm long working distance for soldering and repairing.

Lens D-Biological Microscope

Applications: microscope slides observation.

Highlights: 4-5mm working distance for big magnification.

Convenient Remote Control

It is convenient for you to operate from a long distance and supports functions such as image discoloration and digital zoom. It is especially suitable for educational demonstrations and other scenes.

Adjustable LED Lights

A total of eight intensity levels of LED lights can meet your different requirements for image brightness.

Pro Metal Stand

Andonstar's newest upgraded bracket, size: 7*7.8*13inch, the bracket is adjustable front and rear, left and right, and the bracket angle is adjustable. Meet the needs of your larger work envelope. Strong metal material, suitable for high-temperature environments such as soldering.

Inside the box you will receive:

Customer Reviews

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Pretty awesome digital microscopic camera

Great picture quality and overall quality. Comes with extra lenses, slide kit and remote. Which I have yet to use. Lol. But I spent hours looking at stuff with this and fixing some tiny things. It's fairly easy to use, but the instruction sheet for assembly skips a few key steps. The manual is fairly easy to follow and includes links to video tutorials. So that's helpful. Definitely love it

Wonderful product!!

I am so glad I purchased this equipment! The magnification is wonderful! No more squinting!

Marion Perret

And clear easy set up and it does what it says it does.

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