Most Popular Characteristics Of Andonstar AD409 Digital Microscope

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Once available on the market, Andonstar AD409 digital microscope has been focus and favorite of many Andonstar's fans. Regarding to most noticeable features and characteristics od AD409 digital microscope, we are willing to tell you all about its peculiarities.

Andonstar AD409 HDMI WIFI Digital Microscope

1. With 10.1-inch adjustable LCD screen

Featuring 10.1-inch LCD screen, Andonstar AD409 digital microscope can provide large viewing field, enabling users to view clearly the object on the screen.

2. In line with ergonomic design

The microsocpe has 270° field of view for all-round dynamic rotational simultaneous viewing, with an excellent stand design more in line with visual physiology and an immersive feeling, since Andonstar AD409's screen and bracket are adjustable, which is in accordance with ergonomic design, freeing up people's observation from the two-dimensional plane mode! There will be no need to move the sample and constantly adjust the focus to see a dynamic, three-dimensional image of the object, including all sides of the sample.

andonstar digital microscope

The viewing angle can be adjusted from 90 degree to 180 degree and the direction and speed of view rotation can be controlled as you wish. The extremely large depth of field, high optical axis accuracy control and large working distances give Andonstar's 3D rotational observation unparalleled flexibility and adaptability while ensuring outstanding image quality.

3. PC/WIFI connection supported

Supporting PC, mobile and tablet connection, AD409 digital microscope supports also WIFI connection. Once connected with computor, the AD409 digital microscope will enable users to measure with measuring app. The measurement types and their results can be displayed in a list or saved as a CSV file for further use on a PC or in any common spreadsheet programme

andonstar ad409 hdmi wifi digital microscope

Able to be connected with WiFi, AD409 can be used as a mobile phone and microscope and users can send images and videos from microscope to computor. 

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