What's the Use of an Endoscope in the Design of Digital Microscope?

Digital Microscope Bomb Is Coming! With long-term reseach and development, our new star - Andonstar AD206S, a great tool for for SMT/SMD/THT/PCB Soldering, finally come on the scene!

As an upgraded version of AD206, Andonstar AD206S digital microscope have been improved a lot in terms of function. There's a great noticeble hightlight of this upgradation, namely its double lens and double screen, which aren't covered by AD206.


With double lens and double display, AD206S can be connected with an endoscope and display images of endoscope when the screen is showing the microscope's images. That allows soldering engineers and DIY amateurs to view clearly solder joint, solder stitch and other soldering details in the endoscope screen when they are doing soldering work.  

Imagine that you are soldeirng and using the microscope display to check your work, but you want to have a look at details of your work. How to do at this time if there isn't an endoscope? So the combination of the microscope and the endoscope is so perfect that AD206S will be an ideal tool for soldering and repairing.

In addition, its 2 LED lights on both sides is very flexible and they can be adjusted forward and backward, which helps to reduce reflection. Its stand and screen are also adjustable, which offers more working space and permits users to observe the object from any angle. 

To protect the digital microscope lens from greasy dirt and damage, Andonstar AD206S uses UV filter and cone lens to ensure quality of soldering work. With ergonomic design, users can keep a comfortable and relaxed posture and reduce physical pain in the spine. It's an ideal tool to observe the component, parts of electronic products, solder joint, solder stitch, solder wire, ect., while users are soldering and DIY making electronics. 

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