Andonstar AD122 digital telescope microscope for kids

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"In 24 hours, my 4 year daughter and son had more fun than we have had in a long time!" 

-Andonstar AD122 Customer

Customer Reviews

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I bought it for my two elementary aged daughters. They have a traditional microscope, I purchased this specifically for the younger 7 year old because she is a total nature girl. I knew she'd be outside examining flower petals, dirt, bugs, etc (whatever she'd get her hands on). Since it arrived, we've looked at money, beads, more dirt, strands of hair, bugs, food, anything that would fit under the scope. Just place the item of interest under the clear shield, with the LED shining directly on it and you can see intricate detail, patterns, textures that you'd never discern with your naked eye.

Five Stars

Awesome tool for homeschooling, education, and learning. Couldn't be happier with the quality or price.

Outdoor fun -- kids and I love it!

I bought it for my kid's birthday, but I found myself swiping it from their rooms from time to time to do my own exploring! I love using this! Right here are some close up pixel shots

Nate S
Expected different, but still loads of fun for the whole family!

If your expecting a ultra-powerful microscope, this is not it. It's made out of plastic. BUT it seems to be really durable plastic. I dropped it several times from my height (5' 8'') and there is not even a single scratch! The lens quality is also really good. Enough to observe bugs and insects.

Awesome for my 4 year old!

My four year old loved it! I was originally worried that she would have a hard time using it , but she was able to figure it out in 5 mins!!!! Now she basically carries it everywhere.

Microscope & Telescope Two IN 1

Unique dual-lens design, with microscope lens on the right and telescope lens on the left. Use this microscope to see the close micro world clearly, and use telescope to see the distant world at the same time.

Finally Capture The Excitement of an UNSEEN WORLD with Andonstar AD122

Ignite Science Curiosity at a Young Age!

Bring fun into learning by uncovering a whole new microscopic world with our handheld microscope for kids!


Entertain Them for Hours at a Time!

Watch your kids run around with glee as they look for new things to examine! The best kids portable microscope on the market!



Kid-Friendly Design

It's simple enough to operate that all ages can enjoy exploring with Andonstar AD122 portable microscope and telescope!

With SD Card

Use SD Card to capture and save the beautiful moments.

Magnify and View

Strong x magnification lens means you can start exploring the microscopic world (without any difficulties)!


Variety of Environments

Simply point the microscope at anything indoors (carpet, clothes, and even the table) or outdoors (grass, leaves, bugs, and more)!


Learning Cool Science Concepts is Finally a Breeze!


Teach your kids the concepts of optics, microbiology, plant life, and more! With schools transitioning to online classes, it's more important than ever to keep kids engaged and moving. With The STEMscope Portable Microscope, learning has never been so fun and easy! You can now share the fun with your kids in a quick and easy way!


Outdoor and Indoor Fun Approved

Perfect for Science Trips

Parent + Kid Bonding Time

Kids LOVE Receiving The STEMscope Portable Microscope as Gifts!

Over 95% of Kids Rate it their Favorite Interactive Educational Gadget!

Kids love receiving it as a gift for the holidays, birthday, or as a reward for all their hard work! Your child will definitely spend more time using The Andonstar AD122 Portable Microscope. It's not your ordinary educational toy! Learn and thrive together with our portable microscope!

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