• Adonstar AD206 VS Celestron 5MP Digital Microscope: which is the best?

      Selecting a digital microscope may be a little difficult. Many people will hesitate in choosing which one to buy. One of my friends recommand me to buy two type: Adonstar AD206 VS Celestron 5MP Digital Microscope. I have studied on them and bought them to have a test. Display Andonstar AD206 Digital Microscope has a display of 7 inches. The huge screen helps me get a clear view of the images and videos. Moreover, its display is adjustable. By adjusting the display, I can keep a comfortable pose while working and there is no need for me to...
  • Children's Digital Microscope Review - 2020 Latest Version Buying Guide

    Children's Digital Microscope Review - 2020 Latest Version Buying Guide
    Choosing a gift for children these days may be quite a daunting thing for patents. Seeing children's digital microscope getting more and more popular, parents are thinking about buying their kids a children's digital microscope. Given that there are many digital microscope for kids to choose from, we are committed to helping parents purchase the right gift for their needs, and we recommand Andonstar AD205 Children's Digital Microscope to you. Below is AD205's review.  Appearance Nowadays, appearance of a product is very important. If a difital microscope has a good appearance, children will be attracted by...
  • Why Children Need Their Own Digital Microscope?

    Why Children Need Their Own Digital Microscope?
    When parents hear their children cry for a digital microscope at the first time, they usually will get confused and think that their kids want the digital microscope just because they keep up with the Joneses.  Maybe parents are right, but children do need their own digital microscope. Firstly, children are filled with curiosity and they must desire to know more about the world around them. If kids can observe the microscopic world under the digital microscope, they are capable of learn more about the nature and thus cultivate an interest in science, which will benefit children in their study...
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